# of maps with 1st place: 0
Average Rank (of 5 maps): 158.8
Average Rank (of all maps): 68.806306306306
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# User Time Average Speed
70 Photon@forums 74.9843 61.685312
71 {69}thequeef 75.6235 32.841017763158
72 pizza 83.8030 31.530335
# User Time Average Speed
172 shaquiqueef 28.2860 67.835968965517
173 {69}thequeef 28.2900 66.822865517241
174 some_guy 28.2942 68.725962068966
# User Time Average Speed
139 .nbk.snak3 20.3139 68.40679047619
140 {69}thequeef 20.3219 63.922828571429
141 johnny.nbk.@forums 20.322 63.6183
# User Time Average Speed
173 saturno3333@forums 63.6874 65.5251125
174 {69}thequeef 64.0206 64.5818578125
175 dixie 64.8118 69.143609230769
# User Time Average Speed
235 adl 22.9242 66.030591304348
236 {69}thequeef 22.9589 63.382969565217
237 orange 22.97
Maps not finished: Mothership, ShoppingMall, Amethyst, CloseButFar, Red, Compact, Fair, AMazinglyEasy, Zipper, Chicken, Chain, Arco, Luigi, Octarace, Retro13, Moon, OctaGone2Life, Turtle, Lightning, Croma, Microchip, 8Ball, CannedYams, Golf, ZigZagZaney, Compressor, Pikachu, FastTrack, Arsenal, KillZone, Four, Bird, Armacube, Shuttle, Roundabout, Pirata, Looper, Compass, Stardome, ZigZag, TheCarrot, Cantaloupe, JailBreak, Teleporting, What, MrRoboto, PerfectTurning, Wrapper, Trucco, CerosShortWand, Cojones, Guitar, OctaGone2Death, TheTower, Dragrace, BeCareful, lol, Meloncholy, MissionImpossible, MissionImprobable, Supernova, WallStuck, DontFlinch, Placebo, Elevator, 2016, XWindMill, Zone3, Zone4, Zone5, Minefield1, Minefield2, Epyon, PentaRace, PapaShuShu, Holiday, RoadOfDeath, Mint, Mace, Skeletron, LeicesterCity, nelged, Cherrio, Insane, Arco2, Life, Default, FlatHead, Hunted, NewSneaks, Batman, Butterfly, Internal, AMazing, Noobed, NisargsPointyDick, Insanity, Fission, DeFission, DaBunk, RoboTime, Pnis, TikiTime, TsuEatsBread, TheRace, Glacier, Serpent, Sea, Unfair, 100Watts, Scratch, Volcano, Button, Derp, MelonMania, TinHatTrio, CTFMazeRace, Excalibur, Pow, Broken, PentiumCPU, Because, Note, Telepo, Scarlet, Flex, Shield, Cell, Galaxy, DeathTrap, DethZ, TheGame, Karma, Memorial, Inferno, Voltrobe, Handgrip, Aflac, Axe, Berlin, English, Claw, EasyA, Fungocity, Speed, BlastOff, ZoneSpace, aMazed, Animalia, Exidus, Microphone, aBLAZing, AQuickExplosion, OdeToVert, StyX, Girl, Kitteh, AreWeThereYet, PewPew, Swag, Sharpy, Bascalatrus, Slashazier, Organius, Organius_test, Frenchville, Labyrinth1, Labyrinth2, Cubes, Purgatory, TiredLittleBoy, Broken.reverse, Trucco.reverse1, Trucco.reverse2, MarchingPenguin, Eternal1, Eternal2, Microhell, Rifle, Blindness, Charriot, HummusFunRace, RiverOfDeath, Retro1, Retro2, Retro3, Retro4, Retro5, Retro6, Retro7, Retro8, Retro9, Retro10, Retro11, Retro12, Retro14, Retro15, Retro16, Retro17, Retro18, Retro19, Retro20, GenMap1, GenMap2, GenMap3, GenMap4, GenMap5, GenMap6, GenMap7, GenMap8, GenMap9, GenMap10, GenMap11, GenMap12, GenMap13, GenMap14, GenMap15