This is a server in Armagetron Advanced / Retrocycles. The goal, naturally, is to get to the finish line (green zone) before everybody else. This server has additional features to make it not only more competitive, but also more fun.


The server keeps track of your best times per map. Although you can still race people in the server, it effectively also means that you do not actually have to. You can instead race to get the best time on a map.

Auto Acceleration

In some other racing servers, you are required to manually hit the brake key to accelerate. However, it arguably does not fit well into racing within this version of tron. So, instead, the brake key now effectively brakes as it should.

Respawns New

Instead of having to wait to play a map until everyone has died and/or finished, you can keep racing a map for the best time.


Rounds run for a predetermined amount of time. During the respawn period, a timer update is periodically displayed in chat. Then, when this timer reaches 0 minutes, respawns are stopped and a new timer is displayed in the towards the bottom-left-center of the screen. This allows racers to finish their runs.


If at anytime you want to queue a map, you can use "/q" (without quotes), followed by a map name, to specify the next map you want to play. You can also /skip a map and /extend rounds.

Custom Cameras New

No longer are you bound to the use of server custom. Instead, you can play with whatever camera you choose.


Well, with respawns, it is no longer easily possible to enforce the camera. Although the use of server custom is strongly recommended, you may also use other cameras such as your own custom camera configuration which may be more comfortable. Also, now that the default camera in the newest versions of clients is "custom" instead of the infamous "smart" camera, racing without any configuration changes will still yield a decent experience.