Racing is a gamemode in Armagetron Advanced in which you race, attempting to get the best time. This racing server is a smart (not to be confused with Zwazi) racing server.

Auto Acceleration

When you are spawned in the beginning of a round, you automatically accelerate without pressing the gas.


If at anytime you want to queue a map, you can use "/q" (without quotes), followed by a map name, to achieve this.


The server records your best times per map. When you're the last person alive or somebody has entered the win zone, a smart timer runs. This smart timer, written with the help of VOV, looks at everybody's times and determines the best time for the round to run for.

Custom Cameras New

Are you tired of using the default forced camera? Do you want to use your own custom camera? There is a fix! Type "/customcam" in chat. It can be deactivated at any time by adding false to the end.

How it works

At the beginning of the round when you spawn, the script automatically kills you and respawns you, thus giving you a custom camera.